Welcome to the TilapiaMap Project Website

This project aims to compile nation-wide distribution records for tilapia in Kenya and Tanzania using the free to download and use smartphone app 'TilapiaMap'.  This will provide an easy to use resource for rapid identification of tilapia in the field accessible to all.  These observations are mapped and data made available for free download, so that developments and species distributions can be monitored and ultimately made available to policy makers.  The project will provide training in species identification and help with species verification.  If are interested in getting involved and you would like more information on training, or access to the app, please contact us at tilapiamap@bangor.ac.uk.

Every time a record is submitted by a TilapiaMap user, the details are recorded along with GPS coordinates of the location. These records are manually checked. This map below shows verified records using TilapiaMap.

Drag the slider at the bottom of the map to find records from specific date ranges. Clicking on each record (map pinpoint) will display a pop-up window with details of each find.